Piano Moving

Your piano is one of your most beautiful and prized possessions.

Why take a chance with personal injury or damage to your piano when you can trust us to handle your move?

Our trained professionals at Kluttz Piano Company have moved thousands of pianos since the company was founded in 1931. We take a great deal of pride in our proven track record of safety and customer service.


What to expect when you call Kluttz Piano Company to move your piano.

- We have the proper equipment and will have the truck, dolly, skid boards, ramps and moving pads needed for a successful move

- Smaller pianos generally moved in one piece.

- Grand pianos will be taken apart and each piece handled separately.

- Our expert piano movers will use a dolly on level ground and a ramp and/or skidboard to move down steps and on to the truck.

- Your piano will be wrapped in moving pads to protect it during the move on a truck equipped for securing the piano.


We can move your piano locally in the Carolinas.

We can move your piano across the United States.

We can pack and ship your piano around the world.


Give us a call today for a guaranteed quote and move date.